Health insurance companies also have to pay for more expensive hearing aids

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Judgment strengthens rights of hearing impaired

In certain circumstances, the health insurance company must also pay a hearing aid to a hearing impaired person, which is more expensive than the fixed amount provided. A current court ruling states that the health insurance funds are responsible for as complete a disability compensation as possible.

Compensation for disabilities that is as complete as possible Under certain circumstances, the health insurance company must pay a hearing impaired person a hearing aid that is more expensive than the planned fixed amount. The State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen ruled that the health insurance funds were responsible for the most complete disability compensation possible. (AZ: L 10 R 579/10) The judges in Celle decided in the specific case of a 61-year-old assembly worker with a congenital hearing defect. The man was left with an additional 2,800 euros for his new hearing aids, but the court found that the health insurance company had to buy the hearing aids because the devices made it possible for him to hear 20 percent better than conventional fixed-price models.

Hearing aid acousticians' duty The court relies on the Federal Social Court, which made it clear in 2009 that the health insurers are responsible for the most complete possible disability compensation, which includes hearing impaired people being opened to the extent possible even in large rooms and in the presence of ambient noise must. Hearing aid acousticians are obliged to provide statutory health insurance for all levels of hearing loss without additional costs for the health insurance company. This provides for a contract for the supply of hearing aids, which the health insurance companies have concluded with the federal guild for hearing care professionals.

Fixed amounts for hearing aids will be doubled As of November 2013, new regulations for the reimbursement of hearing aids will come into force. From 01.11. this year for insured persons with hearing loss who have reached the age of 18, a fixed amount of EUR 784.94 per ear including VAT. The current fixed amount is currently 421.28 euros. This is almost a doubling. However, the right to compensate for hearing impairment remains the central benchmark. Around 14 million people in Germany suffer from hearing loss. Around 500,000 people are provided with hearing aids every year. (ad)

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