Natural cosmetics: triggers for allergies?

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Can natural cosmetic products also trigger allergic reactions?

Do natural cosmetics also trigger allergies? Italian researchers looked into this question. They found that most contact allergies caused by herbal ingredients are caused by propolis, tea tree oil and daisies.

It was shown that a relevant proportion of the skin's reactions to natural products is not caused by the herbal active ingredients, but by other ingredients in the cosmetics. 22 percent spoke e.g. allergens that are typically found in cosmetics and topical products, such as Fragrance Mix I, (chloro-) methylisothiazolone, formaldehyde, paraben mix and lanolin alcohols.

A possible contact allergy to herbal ingredients existed in about 15% of the patients, the most common triggers being propolis, tea tree oil and daisy family. The scientists therefore recommend combining basic patch testing with tests on these plants. Click here for the study. (pm)

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