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Relaxation for the eyes when working on the computer screen

The daily work on the computer screen is a considerable strain on the eyes. In the course of the day, the eyesight often deteriorates significantly, which often leads to the person affected approaching the monitor with their eyes and adopting an increasingly unfavorable posture, which further promotes complaints such as a stiff neck or back pain . In order to treat the eyes to relaxation and prevent further complaints, according to the press officer from the Professional Association of German Ophthalmologists (BVA), a special technique helps that can also be easily used in the workplace.

The ophthalmologist and BVA press officer Georg Eckert explained to the news agency "dpa" that it is a considerable strain on the eyes when the whole day is focused on a computer screen. If you work on the monitor for a long time, you should take a look from time to time, Eckert continues. Because the monotonous line of vision means, among other things, that the tear film is no longer evenly distributed over the eye. The eyes become dry and start to burn. If this is the case, according to the expert, they should be temporarily closed. In order to prevent this from happening at all, Eckert recommends deliberately focusing on a point in the distance every now and then. Immediately afterwards, the focus should be on a detail in the surrounding area. Among other things, this helps to ensure that the tear film is distributed appropriately.

If in doubt, help with eye drops
If the eyes do not stop burning when you close your eyes or blink, and the feeling of dryness continues, the BVA press officer advises you to help with eye drops. These would optimize the tear film. However, it should be borne in mind that in addition to the monotony of gaze, stress and heating air also affect the moistening of the mucous membranes and can cause a burning sensation in the eyes. (fp)

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