No alcohol during pregnancy

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Alcohol consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding has bad consequences

Alcohol is a cell poison that quickly gets into the bloodstream. Most of the alcohol consumed is absorbed through the mucous membrane of the small intestine. But alcohol also enters the bloodstream through the stomach and, to a small extent, through the oral mucosa. The Federal Center for Health Education therefore advises you to avoid alcohol during pregnancy. In the worst case, the damage is so severe that the affected child is dependent on help for a lifetime.

Physical malformations and damage to the central nervous system are considered serious damage. In contrast to hereditary malformations, these are 100% avoidable. There is no importance for alcohol consumption during pregnancy, but even small amounts can harm the child. However, the more a pregnant woman drinks at a time, the more serious the consequences. Chronic alcohol consumption by the mother causes prenatal growth disorders, brain damage and malformations. These children then have a low birth weight and little subcutaneous fat.

In Germany, around 1-2% alcohol-dependent women of childbearing age are assumed. Only about 20% of women do not drink alcohol at all during pregnancy.

A study by the University of Washington found that people with FASD between the ages of 6 and 51 show difficulties in the following areas:

94% have mental health problems.
23% were inpatient treatment for mental disorders.
83% cannot live independently in adulthood.
79% of adults have employment problems.
60% of those affected, aged 12 years and older, came into conflict with the law.
35% of adults and adolescents were detained for a crime.
45% show inappropriate sexual behavior.
43% have conspicuous school biographies (e.g. expelled from school).
24% of adolescents, 46% of adults and 35% overall have alcohol and drug problems.

In addition, facial malformations such as cleft palate and malformations of the internal organs, such as heart defects, can occur. A new study from England comes to similar results: The little glass in between is clearly at the expense of the child and his intelligence. This was also the result of a study by the Universities of Bristol and Oxford, led by Sarah Lewis.

Intelligence test after eight years For their study, the researchers questioned over 4,000 pregnant women after the 18th and 32nd week of pregnancy using a questionnaire about their drinking habits. The researchers were particularly interested in determining the effect of small amounts of alcohol. Women with high alcohol consumption were excluded from the study. At the age of eight, the children of these women were tested for their intelligence.

Children of Drinking Women Less Smart "Our results show that even small amounts of alcohol that were previously considered harmless are reflected in children's intelligence," says Lewis. The researchers found four gene variants that clearly correlated with lower intelligence and were only found in children of women who had moderate alcohol consumption. (ag)

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