Rabiates acting: 5 kindergarten teachers in court

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Five Altenburg kindergarten teachers are said to have forced children to take an afternoon nap with harsh practices

The Gera public prosecutor's office raises serious allegations of violence against five kindergarten teachers. They are said to have used brutal methods to force the children to take an afternoon nap and to instill food into them against their will. The children are said to have vomited. A student who did an internship at the facility exposed the shocked practices of the kindergarten teachers.

Altenburg kindergarten teachers deny allegations of violence When parents take their child to a day care center, they rely on the fact that their children are in good hands. However, this was not the case at all in an Altenburg kindergarten. Five kindergarten teachers are said to have wrapped their protégés, including disabled children, tightly in blankets for afternoon nap, fixed them with gauze bandages and covered their faces with towels. In addition, the carers are accused of infusing the children with food against their will, so that they subsequently vomited. The Gera public prosecutor has brought charges of physical assault and coercion against the women in 58 individual cases. The head of the daycare center is said not to have known about the rabid practices of her employees. Although she remained in office, she also had to answer to the court for violating her duty of care and upbringing. Both the director and the five accused kindergarten teachers deny all allegations.

The case was exposed by an intern who showed photos of the wrapped children at a school presentation. As a result, the accused were forced to take leave. The sponsor of the "People's Solidarity" daycare center announced three of the women. The Ministry of Education also arranged for the three kindergarten teachers to no longer be employed in the field of childcare.

The victims had filed a lawsuit against the dismissal because they would never have harmed the children. Tight wrapping in blankets is a method of calming recommended by midwives. Ultimately, the process resulted in a comparison. However, whether or how the women will continue to be employed should only be decided after the public prosecutor's investigation has been completed. In the meantime, criminal orders have been filed against four other teachers.

Experiences of violence can trigger traumas in children
Experiences of violence can trigger severe trauma in children. “When children experience violence, emotional reactions such as anger, grief or fear can occur either immediately after the event or much later. Especially small children who do not speak or only speak little can not articulate their feelings, ”explains social worker Gritli Bertram from Hanover. "If violent experiences are not processed, psychological disorders can develop in affected children later in life." (Ag)

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