GeloMyrtol successful in acute bronchitis

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Study: GeloMyrtol® successful in acute bronchitis

Patients with acute bronchitis benefit from the herbal medicine GeloMyrtol forte. This is confirmed by a current, placebo-controlled study. Typical bronchitis symptoms were relieved more quickly than with placebo. 413 patients with acute bronchitis received four capsules of the phytotherapeutic agent or four placebo capsules daily for two weeks. Other medicines such as antitussives, secretolytics, inhaled glucocorticoids or antibiotics were not allowed to be taken.

After a week, the number of coughing fits decreased by around 62 percent during the day with GeloMyrtol® forte and 50 percent with placebo. After five to six days, the number of coughing fits with verum halved, with placebo this takes six to eight days.

The frequency of coughing was also significantly lower in the patients who had taken GeloMyrtol® forte. The proportion of cough-free patients at the end of the study was also higher (45 versus 29%). Problems with coughing up and sleep disorders due to nocturnal coughing were also significantly less common. A. Gillissen. A Multi-center, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial on the Efficacy and Tolerability of GeloMyrtol® forte in Acute Bronchitis. Drug Res (Stuttgart) 2013; 63 (01): 19-27. (pm)

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