Legionella danger: No folk festival in Warstein

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Legionella danger: Volksfest in Warstein canceled: all-clear for drinking water

After the travel warning issued due to the wave of Legionella infections, the International Montgolfiade in Warstein has now been canceled as a precaution. 100,000 visitors were expected to attend the festival. There was an all-clear for drinking water.

Danger not yet averted The danger posed by the wave of Legionella infections in Warstein in the Sauerland region has not yet been averted. The responsible district health office in Soest reported seven new cases on Friday. In total, there are now 141 people who are infected. Two men died of the infection. 50 patients are still being treated in hospitals.

Presumably triggered by a cooling system Since August 10, the city of 27,000 inhabitants has been diagnosed with illnesses, presumably caused by Legionella bacteria that have escaped from a cooling system. However, it is still unclear whether the suspected recooling system is really the source of the outbreak. A final result is not expected until the middle of next week, said the national reference center of the TU Dresden, according to the district of Soest. The facility has been shut down for days, but due to the incubation period of two to ten days, the authorities are expecting further new cases.

100,000 visitors were expected. Since the suspected system was clearly contaminated with water bacteria and the location and wind direction matched the homes of most of the sick, experts said they were cautiously optimistic about the containment of the infections after the shutdown. Nevertheless, the 23rd Warstein International Montgolfiade was canceled as a precaution. 100,000 visitors were expected to attend the nine-day hot air balloon meeting. On their website it says: "We fully share the responsibility of the municipality. The health and protection of the population are top priorities, ”said the organizers.

All-clear for drinking water The all-clear was given for drinking water in the city. Results of samples from the Hillenberg spring, on which a large part of the water supply in Warstein is based, are now available. “The water is completely harmless. There was no evidence of legionella. Our drinking water is perfect, ”say the laboratory results from the hygiene institute in Gelsenkirchen. And there is also no danger at the local all-weather pool. "We have never had legionella in our facility," said bath operations manager Patrick flush. Nevertheless, a hygiene institute in Mülheim / Ruhr was commissioned to examine showers, swimming pools and ventilation systems. The institute gave the all-clear - no legionella.

If symptoms are suspicious, see a doctor. Infected people tend to show non-specific symptoms that cannot be clearly attributed to the disease. In the beginning, fever and chills develop in most patients - often relatively suddenly. In addition, there are muscle pains, mainly in the chest area, and coughing irritation. In the further course, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and isolated neurological deficits can be observed. If such symptoms occur, affected people from the region should see a doctor. (ad)

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