Normal blood pressure values ​​reduce the risk of stroke

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Blood pressure values ​​have an impact on the risk of stroke

For five years, US researchers have accompanied over 20,000 people in a large-scale study. Her conclusion: normal blood pressure values ​​significantly reduce the risk of a stroke. There are many factors that you can influence yourself.

For example, non-smokers with normal blood pressure values ​​and good blood sugar values ​​have a significantly lower risk of stroke. This emerges from a new study to which the German Stroke Society (DSG) and the German Society for Neurology point out.

According to the research, the right blood pressure reading has a very big health impact. With optimal values, the risk of suffering a stroke is reduced by up to 60 percent. If one relates the result to the study participants, out of 2000 people examined, three with high blood pressure would have a stroke. However, in people with normal blood pressure, it is only one person. High blood pressure can be treated well with medication, emphasizes DGN spokesman Prof. Hans-Christoph Diener. Non-smoking even reduces the risk by up to 40 percent. Good cholesterol levels, normal weight and physical activity paired with a healthy diet also reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, the specialist societies explain. For nearly five years, the researchers accompanied a total of 22,914 Americans older than 45 years. (fr)

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