Cause of Legionella infection found

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Apparently source of Legionella infection discovered

Since August 10, there has been a wave of legionella infections in Warstein, Sauerland, which has affected more than 100 people. The course of the disease led to death in two people.

As reported yesterday (Legionella infections in the Sauerland region), there was an infection wave with Legionellosis in Warstein, the cause of which was still unknown. Today, the authorities reported a small success in finding the cause and followed up on a specific track.

No all-clear yet The bacteria were discovered and examined in an air conditioning system last week. The health department of the district of Soest, however, did not want to give the all-clear yet. It will take a few more days to test the samples before you are 100% certain that the bacteria found are identical to those of the Legionella infections.

The authorities have recorded over 100 cases of pneumonia since August 10. Two men did not survive the infection. The suspicious air conditioning system was the first to be switched off and should only start operating again if no bacteria are found after thorough disinfection.

The health department is still expecting new cases in the coming days, since the incubation period can be up to ten days. The situation in the hospital should relax at the beginning of September at the latest.

Subdued optimism The optimism of the experts is nevertheless cautious. An all-clear is only to be given after further in-depth investigations. The air conditioning system is clearly contaminated with the bacteria and the location and the wind direction also fit the patient's place of residence, but the authorities only want to give the green light again with absolute certainty.

Because on the night of Monday another person died. The 62-year-old patient was admitted to the Maria Hilf Hospital last week with pneumonia. The managing director of the clinic Dr. Hans-Christian Vatteroht said, however, that the test for Legionella bacteria was negative. An autopsy should now provide information about the exact cause of death. (fr)

Unsettled citizens can find more information on the website of the Maria Hilf Hospital in Warstein. A hotline with the number 02902-8910601 has been set up for those affected and their families. Hospital staff is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (fr)

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