House dust allergy instead of hay fever

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Symptoms of a house dust allergy are similar to those of a pollen allergy

Relatively many people in Germany suffer more from allergic symptoms, especially during the warmer months. As a rule, a pollen allergy or hay fever is suspected here. But the symptoms can also be due to a house dust allergy, especially if the symptoms occur all year round.

In patients with a house dust allergy, the allergic reaction is not due to pollen in the air, but to the feces of house dust mites. This causes symptoms such as runny nose, a stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, swollen, watery and itchy eyes. An itchy rash may also be associated with an allergy to house dust. If a suspected hay fever does not go away in the winter months, there is a suspicion of a house dust allergy. A corresponding allergy test can provide information here.

Affected people are often not aware of their house dust allergy
Many people live with a house dust allergy without being aware of it. In view of the often weak symptoms, those affected do not really feel sick and see no need to see a doctor. However, the allergy can worsen in the course of the continued contact with the allergens. If the symptoms are not taken into account afterwards, there is even a risk of developing allergic asthma. Other allergies often develop over time.

As a rule, those affected are initially recommended to minimize contact with the allergens. Vacuuming (with HEPA filter), regular ventilation, adequate air humidity and the increased change of bedclothes are mentioned here as easy steps to reduce house dust pollution. Various medications are also said to help alleviate allergic symptoms. However, they cannot cure the house dust allergy per se. To this day, so-called hyposensitization is the only, although not entirely uncontroversial, way. First of all, however, a clear diagnosis of the symptoms is required. Anyone who continues to suffer from allergy symptoms should therefore urgently consult a specialist. (fp)

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