Legionella in the Sauerland

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Legionella triggers the wave of diseases in Warstein

The cause of the enigmatic wave of illnesses with more than 60 sufferers and two deaths in Warstein in the Sauerland may have been clarified. The health office in Soest says it is following a specific trail that indicates Legionella infections. By Monday evening "four positive legionella findings from a total of 64 affected patients in the district house" had been received, the official announcement.

After the detection of Legionella infections, the health supervisors are now looking for the possible source of the pathogens, whereby the experts, according to the health office in the district of Soest, “definitely” rule out the tap or drinking water as the cause. Although the spread of legionella bacteria via tap water is generally one of the most common routes of infection, two reasons speak clearly against this possibility, according to the district medical officers. “For one thing, legionella does not multiply at a temperature of 15 degrees currently prevailing in the supply lines. On the other hand, no relatives of those affected are affected, ”said the Soest Health Office.

Parallels to Legionella infections in southern Germany Frank Renken sees legionella infections in Warstein as parallels to an outbreak in southern Germany around three years ago. According to Renken, "the events are very reminiscent of an incident in Ulm in 2010" in which "legionella was spread through the exhaust air from an air conditioning system". In order to narrow down the source of the pathogens, a survey was carried out on the infected "using a questionnaire from the Bielefeld State Center for Health specified on suspicion of Legionella." According to the authorities, the number of hospital admissions decreased to two new admissions on Monday, "after the weekend on Friday until Sunday, 30 patients had been admitted to the Maria Hilf hospital in Warstein with the relevant symptoms. "

Typical symptoms of Legionnaires' disease Legionnaires' disease or Legionnaires' disease caused by Legionella is initially characterized by unspecific symptoms such as chills, fever, muscle pain and persistent coughing as well as severe pneumonia in the course of the disease later on. Often there are other complaints such as headache, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting that initially raise suspicions of flu or a flu-like infection. Legionella live as rod-shaped bacteria in the water, where they can reproduce particularly well at temperatures between 25 and 50 degrees Celsius. (fp)

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