Accumulation of meningitis

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Increased enterovirus infections in the district of Bayreuth

Enterovirus infections have been accumulating in the Bayreuth district since the beginning of July. The Bayreuth Clinic sees itself equipped for the increased occurrence of the diseases.

Further spreading not excluded An increase in the number of patients with enterovirus infections has been registered in the Bayreuth Clinic since the beginning of July. It is striking that the cases come mainly from the southern district. Dr. Sven Schimanski, chief physician of the Institute for Laboratory Medicine and Microbiology (ILM) at Klinikum Bayreuth GmbH, however says: "However, a further spread of the pathogen into the urban area of ​​Bayreuth cannot be ruled out."

26 cases diagnosed so far 26 cases of enterovirus infections have been diagnosed at the Bayreuth Clinic. Half of the patients were children, some of them younger than five years old. All those affected showed a complication-free course. Enterovirus infection can cause various diseases, but sometimes it is completely symptom-free. Typical for the course are fever and chills that last for a few days. Popularly, such a disease is also known as "summer flu". However, the virus can occasionally cause meningitis (meningitis) with a mostly good prognosis.

Accumulation of meningitis The current enterovirus epidemic is characterized by the relatively high number of patients with meningitis and the frequent illness of young adults. Typical symptoms of meningitis are headache, intolerance to light, stiff neck, nausea and fever. In addition, general symptoms such as fatigue, muscle pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea or an acute rash can occur. In Bayreuth you see yourself well armed and prepared for a possibly increasing number of illnesses. Through targeted hygiene measures, the transmission of the pathogen to other patients is to be excluded as best as possible and the diagnosis can be made reliably using a special method of molecular diagnostics for the detection of viral infections, thus avoiding unnecessary diagnostic and therapeutic measures. In addition, the responsible health authorities are continuously informed about the current evidence.

Mitigate danger by thorough hand washing The enterovirus occurs especially in the summer and autumn months and is widespread worldwide. It is transmitted on the way of smear infection. Therefore, the risk of infection can be reduced by washing your hands thoroughly and repeatedly, for example before eating or after using the toilet. Because of the easy transferability, there are outbreaks, especially in community facilities such as kindergartens or crèches. (ad)

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