Do not put peppers in the refrigerator

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Cold affects the taste of peppers

Vegetables such as peppers contain many health-promoting ingredients and can be used as an ingredient in numerous dishes. To ensure that the taste does not suffer, however, proper storage should be ensured, the news agency "dpa" reports citing a message from the consumer information service aid in Bonn. A cool storage is generally recommended for peppers, but the refrigerator is rather unsuitable here. Instead, storage in the cool pantry without direct sunlight should be preferred.

Paprika can be used raw or cooked as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. Not least because of its high vitamin C content and the minerals it contains, the vegetables are said to have numerous health-promoting properties. Extracts of plants have also been used as medicines in naturopathy for centuries. The most well-known application are the so-called ABC plasters, which are used against rheumatic pain.

According to the information provided by the consumer information service, aid, not only when storing the peppers, but also when purchasing the peppers, attention should be paid to some crucial details. Fresh peppers have a firm, smooth and shiny skin, but stains are a bad sign. (fp)

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