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Lower Saxony Consumer Protection Report: Sloppy Food Declared

Despite all the scandals and warnings: Food and food accessories are still declared sloppy in Lower Saxony and consumers are deceived. The consumer protection report from Lower Saxony presented on Friday warns of grievances.

Nickel on grilled food If you are currently using the nice weather and are grilling outdoors, you should exercise caution, because chrome-plated meat tongs and fish holders can release the allergy trigger nickel into the grilled food. Lower Saxony's Minister of Agriculture Christian Meyer (Greens) warned of the danger on Friday in Hanover and advised: "Better use high-quality stainless steel tools when grilling." Chromium-plated cheap products could cause sausages, steaks or trout to get nickel, the minister said at the presentation of the new consumer protection report. According to experts, five to ten percent of the population are allergic to nickel and even small amounts could cause inflammatory skin irritation.

Not suitable for alcoholic beverages Meyer also advised to pay attention to the packaging note "Not suitable for alcoholic beverages" for paper cups. Disposable tableware labeled in this way should not be used for beer or wine, since alcohol could dissolve chemical substances from the material and thus be supplied to the body. According to the report, such information is one thing, because despite all food scandals, products in supermarkets, butchers or bakeries as well as food in restaurants, canteens or snack bars are often declared sloppy.

Squeezed meat pulp Sometimes squeezed meat pulp is turned into a chicken breast fillet, sticky meat to make a boiled ham or a Turkish doner kebab. In 2012, the State Office for Consumer Protection (LAVES) identified incorrect markings in 32 percent of 1,047 samples of meat prepared. And for 1,660 sausages that were checked, the deficiency rate was 28 percent. There was also no information on preservatives on preserves or preserving jars and not all ingredients were mentioned for sliced ​​bread bags.
Cheating is not a trivial offense The minister said: "These cheating are not a trivial offense." Because even if there is no risk to health, the buyer will be cheated and the honest manufacturers disadvantaged. "What is written on it must also be included", so Meyer. Only then will the consumer have real freedom of choice.

32,400 violations in Lower Saxony Of the almost 113,000 companies that are subject to official surveillance in Lower Saxony, 46,000 received visits from the local authorities last year. There were a total of 76,000 controls in which 32,400 violations were found, according to the managing director of the Lower Saxony District Council, Hubert Meyer. In addition to warnings, this resulted in fines in 487 cases and in 154 cases the public prosecutor was involved.

Cockroaches in the bakery Frequent grievances were hygiene deficiencies such as dirty towels or vermin in the production rooms. A bakery in the Hanover area had to close for two days due to cockroaches. The owner was not insightful. The 33,000 food samples examined by LAVES revealed deficiencies, such as frying fat too old, in 14 percent. However, spoiled or even hazardous goods were rare. However, the examiners found salmonella in a spread sausage and hepatitis viruses in a strawberry slice.

Caution with raw poultry Consumers should also pay attention to hygiene at home, Minister Meyer advised. For example, increased vigilance applies to raw poultry. Germs would be killed while cooking, but one had to be careful that meat juice might not contaminate other dishes or the environment. (ad)

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