Takeover of the rehabilitation clinic Dahlener Heide

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Specialist clinic for orthopedics, psychosomatics and psychotherapy changes hands. Treatment spectrum ideally complements the orientation of the neighboring Christiaan Barnard Clinic of the RHM Clinic Group. Jobs at the Schmannewitz location should be preserved.

Deidesheim / Bad Rothenfelde / Schmannewitz. The RHM clinic group from Deidesheim takes over the rehabilitation clinic Dahlener Heide in Schmannewitz. A corresponding contract has now been signed by RHM Managing Director Dr. André M. Schmidt and Reinhard Dengg as managing directors and representatives of Dahlener Heide GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG. The neighboring Christiaan Barnard Clinic then takes over the operation of the Dahlener Heide rehabilitation clinic. The clinic property itself remains the property of the previous shareholders and was bound to the new owner of the company with a long-term lease with the obligation to continue operating a rehabilitation clinic in Schmannewitz in the long term. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the company.

Location is significantly strengthened The rehabilitation clinic Dahlener Heide with 210 beds offers high quality treatment in the specialist areas of orthopedics, psychosomatics and psychotherapy. The house thus complements the portfolio of the immediately adjacent Christiaan Barnard Clinic of the RHM Clinic Group, which focuses on cardiology and oncology with the appropriate psychosomatic medicine. Overlapping capacities are largely excluded by different cost objects. "We have always worked together in the neighborhood in Schmannewitz and are pleased that we can significantly strengthen the location with this acquisition," said RHM Managing Director Dr. Schmidt, “because the medical structures of both houses complement each other and expand the treatment options for our patients. In addition, both clinics have very high demands on the quality of treatment, the equipment of the property and the service. Our philosophy fits perfectly with each other. "" We decided to sell, "said Reinhard Dengg, representative of the group of partners of the rehabilitation clinic Dahlener Heide," because we see the common strengths and opportunities of both clinics, and thus both regionally and in the Rehabilitation market promise an even better positioning of the Dahlener Heide clinic in the long term. ”The Rehabilitation Clinic Dahlener Heide, under the direction of Reinhard Dengg, had developed into one of the leading rehabilitation clinics in the region in recent years and is already well positioned on the market. The idea of ​​a neighborhood merger developed from a personal acquaintance of the two managing directors, who developed after Dr. Schmidt met at the RHM Clinic Group two years ago.

RHM clinic group with nationwide presence The RHM clinic group is one of the leading German healthcare companies. It owns and operates acute clinics, rehabilitation clinics as well as old people's and nursing homes at ten locations. The clinic group has a total of around 2,400 treatment places in 22 operative clinic and nursing facilities. Around 25,000 patients and residents benefit from the therapy experience and the high quality standards of the more than 1,600 employees every year. The company provides both inpatient and outpatient healthcare services. This interdisciplinary network enabled the RHM Clinic Group to establish itself as one of the medically leading, integrated healthcare companies in Germany. (pm)

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