Fan and spray bottle for body cooling

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The fan and spray bottle can refresh the body in hot weather

When the temperatures in summer reach 30 degrees Celsius and more, every step becomes a strain on the body. A visit to the outdoor pool would cool you down, but for most working people, jumping into the cool water is only an option after work. To refresh yourself in the office during the day, a spray bottle with cold water and a fan help.

Spray water on the skin and place in front of the fan. A bucket of cold water for your feet, ice cubes in your drink or cold water running down your wrists in between - almost everyone knows these tips against summer heat. Most of the time, these measures only provide a brief refreshment and they are not always practical, especially in the office. "You can do that to cool down your body temperature," Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld from the General Practitioners Association Bremen told the news agency "dpa". "But I find it even better to take an atomizer like for deodorant or perfume, fill it with water, spray the water on the skin and then sit in front of a fan." The same effect as sweating works : Due to the evaporation of the water, the skin cools down. The so-called evaporative cooling arises.

The blazing sun and physical activities should be avoided especially at lunchtime, Mühlenfeld advises. This is especially true for people with health problems.

Heat tips for a cool body The top priority in summer heat is "Drink a lot!". According to the recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), adults should consume at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day. According to the DGE, it can also be 3 liters or more at high temperatures. Still water is best suited. Even juice spritzers in moderation or unsweetened teas quench your thirst. Cola and lemonade are less suitable due to their high sugar content.

In general, the drinks should not be ice cold. In addition, it is advisable to consume smaller amounts of drinking throughout the day instead of a large amount at once. Drinking cold drinks too quickly can also cause stomach problems.

Light meals in small portions are recommended for meals. The Mediterranean cuisine offers a variety of delicious and wholesome dishes. The dishes should contain less fat and protein, but more carbohydrates, which are easier to digest in the heat. (ag)

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