Women: fear of urologist

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Fear of the urologist is unfounded

Many believe that urologists are the "gynecologists" of men. But this is a cliché: Although urologists are indeed experts in male genital organs, they also treat defects in the urinary and urinary organs in equal parts. For ureter, bladder or kidney problems - which are known to affect many women - women should see a urologist. Nevertheless, many women are initially afraid after a transfer. Going to a urologist is actually a normal visit to the doctor, the doctor network Uro-GmbH Nordrhein points out.

Women in particular often develop bladder or urinary tract infections due to the anatomical conditions. "As with a gynecologist, a conversation and detailed urine tests are paramount," explains Dr. Michael Stephan-Odenthal, urologist and medical director of the medical network Uro-GmbH North Rhine. "Harmless abdominal ultrasound examinations and laboratory measurements are used to identify the type of bacteria and urination behavior." Sometimes bladder examinations or X-ray examinations are also necessary. “A lot has happened in the case of bladder reflections in recent years. With advanced and flexible devices, this examination is almost painless for both men and women. ”

Women are also often affected by urinary incontinence or bladder emptying disorders. In addition to a so-called micturition protocol, the focus of the diagnostic procedures is on a urodynamic examination and abdominal ultrasound for the functional assessment of the bladder and urethra. In order to be able to assess the type of incontinence, urologists first measure the bladder pressure. To do this, they fill the bladder with a liquid and measure the capacity as well as the pressure in the bladder under various stressful situations. At the same time, the closing pressure of the urethral sphincter is recorded. Both examinations are painless and provide reliable information about the type and success of incontinence therapy. (pm)

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