Singing is healthy for the heart

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Cardiovascular functions are positively influenced

Swedish scientists from Gothenburg University have found that the heart rate of people singing together is synchronized. At the beginning of July, the researchers led by Rickard Astrom published the results of their study in the specialist magazine "Frontiers in Neuroscience" and came to the conclusion that singing not only has a positive effect on well-being in general, but also "both a subjective and a biological one has a calming effect and is good for the cardiovascular function.

According to the researchers, the heart rate is synchronized when singing in a choir via breathing or the connection between breathing and heartbeat. A whole choir singing together inhales and exhales at the same time, which leads to a synchronization of the heart frequencies via the interdependencies between breathing and heartbeat. In unison, the heart rate of the choir singers increases and slows down. The aim of such research is to develop new therapeutic approaches for the medical care of patients - especially with regard to rehabilitation and prevention.

Choral singing with effects similar to yoga. In order to analyze the effects of singing, the Swedish researchers had a group of fifteen 18-year-olds perform various singing exercises and observed changes in cardiac activity. "The results of the experiments show that music has a direct influence the heart activity of the individual choir members and singing has a synchronizing effect, so that the heart rate of the singers tends to increase and decrease at the same time, ”the scientists report. Choral singing has a similar “effect here as breathing exercises in yoga,” explained study director Björn Vickhoff. “We already know that choral singing synchronizes muscle movements and neuronal activities in large parts of the body. Now we also know that this also applies to the heart to a large extent, ”continues Vickhoff.

Strengthening cooperation through joint singing In further studies, the researchers now want to investigate whether the biological synchronization of the choir singers also opens up a common mental perspective that could be used as a method for strengthening the ability to work together, ”reports the University of Gothenburg. Singing together is often an expression of collective will, "just think of football stadiums, workers' songs, singing the national anthem, religious choirs or military parades," explained Vickhoff. The further studies should also show how singing can be used more for medical purposes. (fp)

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