Carcinogenic substances in plastic clogs

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Plastic clogs with highly carcinogenic substances

Plastic clogs are very popular as children's shoes for summer, but they often contain a whole cocktail of dangerous chemicals, according to a recent study by the “Westdeutscher Rundfunk” (WDR). Socks should therefore always be worn when wearing plastic clogs.

The bright, colorful plastic clogs sometimes contained highly carcinogenic substances that can be absorbed through the skin, reports the "WDR". The transmitter had sent ten pairs of plastic clogs from all price ranges to the laboratory for analysis. "The result: With the plastic clogs you pull a whole chemical cocktail to your feet", according to the current announcement of the "WDR". As footwear for children, plastic treads should therefore be viewed critically.

Highly carcinogenic PAHs in plastic clogs According to the "WDR", the percentage of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that has been found in numerous plastic clogs is particularly problematic. "They are considered to be highly carcinogenic" and the experts at the Federal Environment Agency have therefore been calling for "for a long time an extremely low limit for these substances, which is not yet in force," reports the broadcaster. "In six of the ten pairs of shoes tested, the laboratory detected PAK - in concentrations, in some cases significantly above this limit value", according to the results of the current study by the "WDR". Although there were no PAHs in some plastic clogs, such as “Crocs” shoes, they contained various solvents that can cause allergies and irritate the skin.

Heavy metals in plastic clogs a long-term environmental impact In total, solvents were found in six of the plastic clogs tested "and seven pairs were also contaminated with heavy metals", reports the "WDR". The latter cannot be absorbed through the skin, but heavy metals such as chromium, lead and cadmium would endanger the environment if the shoes were to be thrown away one day.

Socks to protect against the ingredients of the plastic clogs The conclusion of the WDR investigation is: "If, despite the health-critical ingredients, you absolutely have to go with fashion and don't want to do without the colorful plastic treads, you should urgently protect your feet with socks, even if this is not a pleasure in the high summer temperatures. " (fp)

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