A short vacation can also reduce stress

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A short vacation can also reduce stress

In order to keep a sufficient distance from everyday life and professional stress, regular vacations are very effective. It doesn't always have to be three weeks at a time, as stress researcher Carmen Binnewies, professor of occupational psychology at the University of Münster told the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”. Even a short vacation at the weekend can recharge your energy reserves.

Three weeks of vacation don't have to be when it comes to stress-balancing. How a vacation provides relaxation depends only on the length of the vacation time. "Short breaks and weekend trips also bring relaxation," says the professor of occupational medicine. Research had shown that it was more important for a recovery how it was experienced subjectively. Positive experiences could also take place in a shorter time.

Link rest with activities
Especially when it is very stressful in professional life, passive recovery phases can be very important to relax. But studies also showed that it was more important to combine rest and relaxation with sport and culture. Not only by dozing, but also by active relaxation, it is possible to react. Later challenges in the job or in the family could be mastered more effectively.

In principle, the following applies: "The further you go and the more exotic the travel destination, the easier it will probably be to switch off." Even if the long journey, jet lag, unfamiliar groceries, communication problems and long flights are added, the effect is greatest. “Time pressure on vacation is also bad. You don't have to be there everywhere and absolutely take part in the morning pool exercises ”. But it is also important to skip the cell phone and not to process emails. "It is important that nothing reminds you of work and that work does not creep into your vacation."

Remove work mountains before vacation
So that the recovery effect does not go away when you get home, employees should organize everything before vacation so that no mountains of work are waiting for you when you return. The more work that has to be made up after the vacation, the less the relaxation has been used. Studies have shown that the recovery is gone after about three weeks. With quite a few, the effect evaporates after a few days. "These people feel just like they did before their vacation." (sb)

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