Sleeping aid tips for tropical nights

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Sleeping aid tips for tropical nights

First you had to wait so long for the summer in this country and now it seems to be too much of it. Over 30 degrees a day and hardly any cooling at night. A few simple tricks will help you sleep better during the tropical nights.

Optimal sleeping temperature at 15 to 18 degrees This weekend the thermometer is expected to rise to almost 40 degrees in some places. If the temperatures are extremely tiring during the day, they do not lead to restful sleep at night. On the contrary: if it hardly gets colder than 25 degrees at night, you lie awake for a long time, because the optimal sleeping temperature is 15 to 18 degrees and if the values ​​are too high, the body's cooling system will fail. In order to better deal with the heat in the bedroom, Jürgen Zulley, director of the Sleep Medicine Center at the University of Regensburg, shared some of his tips.

Cool bedroom If you can't spend the night on the balcony or in the garden, for example in a hammock, you should at least try to keep the bedroom as cool as possible. So ideally you close the windows during the day and don't let the sun shine directly into the room through lowered blinds or drawn curtains. After sunset you can open all the windows wide and the best way to properly ventilate the room is with a draft. If possible, keep the windows open all night. Sensitive people must then be careful of the draft.

Sleep researcher advises on functional underwear To protect yourself from possible drafts, a thin sheet is often enough to cover that is more suitable in midsummer than a thick duvet. If the heat tempts you to wear as little or nothing on your body as it is, many people are used to doing something when sleeping, if only for hygienic reasons. Sleep researcher Zulley recommends so-called functional underwear made of material that transports moisture and heat to the outside. Especially for people who sweat a lot, cotton is rather unfavorable, since the sweat is absorbed in it and leads to an unpleasant feeling of moisture on the skin. But after a lukewarm shower, you can leave a light film of moisture on your skin shortly before bedtime by not drying yourself completely and thus taking a pleasant coolness with you to bed. If this doesn't last long, it may be enough to get you started.

Chilled hot water bottle and light bedtime candy If you put a hot water bottle filled with water in the fridge during the day, not in the freezer, it can become a cold bottle. Then you can put them between your feet, under the neck or on your stomach according to your own wishes. It should also be taken into account that you should drink a lot of water during the day, but not just before bedtime, otherwise you will have to go to the toilet again at night. And because the body is already so stressed by the heat, it should not be additionally plagued by heavy digestive work. Therefore you should pay attention to a light "bedtime snack", so rather light food and preferably not eat after 7pm.

Natural aids Restful sleep is the basic prerequisite for health, performance and well-being. If this is difficult due to the current temperatures, you should still not use chemical sleeping pills. There are also natural remedies. In a large number of clinical studies, sleeping aids made from valerian extracts, alone or in combination with hops, lemon balm and passion flower, have proven to be an alternative to the risky synthetic hypnotics and sedatives. This is what Prof. Dr. Martin E. Keck from the Zurich Center for Natural Sciences in Munich some time ago: "The comparison with synthetic sleeping pills shows that phytopharmaceuticals are an evidence-based, well-tolerated and well-accepted alternative for classic, synthetic drugs." A tip from Zulley was that you shouldn't get upset if you don't fall asleep right away. Because in summer you need about an hour less sleep than in winter. (ad)

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