Large-scale use: Several children in the camp overheated

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Red Cross cares for 27 dehydrated children

The persistent heat is hard on many people. So also a group of children who stayed at the tent camp in the municipality of Essen near Oldenburg. According to media reports, 27 children and adolescents showed significant physical symptoms such as headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, body aches, nausea and vomiting as a result of the heat, the "Nordwest Zeitung" reported, citing the head of the camp.

After the children and adolescents of the camp had spent the day in the Löningen outdoor pool, the first showed significant physical complaints on the way back. The supervisors were also partially affected. As more and more of the nine to 15 year olds reported serious symptoms, the rescue workers were alerted. According to the “Oldenburgische Volkszeitung”, the Red Cross moved out with around 60 helpers and more than 20 vehicles, citing the spokesman for the district of Cloppenburg, Ansgar Meyer.

Eleven children in hospital due to heat problems. Of the 27 camp participants affected, eleven had to be cared for in nearby hospitals due to their critical health. "Too much sun, drunk too little or eaten too," the lead emergency doctor Andre Kobiella (district of Cloppenburg) explained later in the evening to the "Nordwest Zeitung" the cause of the complaints. The children showed typical symptoms of dehydration due to the extreme loss of fluid, which is caused by sweating at high temperatures, and the lack of fluid intake at the same time. A not uncommon complaint in high summer heat. Similar complaints can also be seen when the body can no longer keep up with the cooling and those affected suffer a heat prick. In addition, permanent strong solar radiation on the head and neck area causes a so-called sunstroke, in which, in addition to the symptoms explained so far, a stiff neck can also sometimes be observed. (fp)

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