Starting signal for nationwide cancer registry

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Implementation of comprehensive clinical cancer registry starts

The introduction of nationwide clinical cancer registries throughout Germany is intended to "improve the quality of cancer treatment in a targeted manner and enable quality comparisons between practitioners", reports the Federal Ministry of Health in a current press release on the occasion of the kick-off event on the implementation of the Cancer Early Detection and Registration Act (KFRG) in Regensburg .

At the start of the introduction of the clinical cancer registry, the Federal Minister of Health explained that the law had cleared the way "for better oncological care in Germany." However, it was now up to the federal states and sponsors to push ahead with the implementation as quickly as possible. However, Bahr is convinced that "we will continue the good cooperation, which has already supported the National Cancer Plan, in the implementation phase of the clinical cancer registry." The kick-off event for the KFRG was organized by the Federal Ministry of Health, the German Cancer Aid, the working group German tumor centers and the German Cancer Society to prepare for the implementation of the law that came into force on April 9th.

Introduction of comprehensive cancer registries long overdue In the clinical cancer registries, anonymized data on all forms of cancer should be recorded and saved according to a clearly defined standard. The general manager of the German Cancer Aid emphasized: "We are determined to work with everyone involved to advance and support this opportunity to improve the quality and transparency of oncological treatment for patients." Here, collecting comprehensive clinical cancer registry data is a step that is actually long overdue was. The founder of the German Cancer Aid, Dr. Mildred Scheel, already in 1982 called for the establishment of comprehensive clinical cancer registries. “Clinical cancer registration will be a huge asset for people with cancer. Now it is a matter of quickly implementing the law, ”said Nettekoven.

Cancer registries also serve to improve treatment Professor Dr. For his part, Wolff Schmiegel, President of the German Cancer Society, emphasized the great importance "the introduction of the new law for the comprehensive introduction of clinical cancer registries for established certified organ cancer centers and oncological centers of the German Cancer Society as well as for the top centers sponsored by the German Cancer Aid". Here, the treating physicians would be relieved by the access to the clinical cancer registry and the data collected on current treatments. It is also easier to check whether patients are being treated according to the current guidelines.

Establishment of a system of learning from each other In the course of the implementation of the KFRG, the previous nationwide patchwork of inconsistent cancer registries will be replaced by a standardized data collection model, the goals of which are "creating comprehensive transparency about the quality of oncological care", and "eliminating quality deficits through the findings from the clinical cancer registration ”and the“ immediate patient-related quality improvement ”, reports the Federal Ministry of Health. Here a "system of learning from each other with the orientation towards the best results" should be established and all information relevant for the treatment should be brought together. The cancer registries also provide a good basis for scientific investigations and the corresponding further development of oncological care, according to the ministry. (fp)

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