Splinters of glass found in organic Bircher muesli

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Organic manufacturer ALLOS calls Bircher Müsli back from the market

The manufacturer Allos has started a recall of its BIO Bircher muesli. During a routine food safety check, small pieces of glass were found in the packaging. For this reason, the organic manufacturer has called the affected batch from the trade and is asking consumers not to eat the muesli under any circumstances.

The food manufacturer ALLOS warns against eating the Bircher muesli. According to the manufacturer, "glass fragments" were found during a check. In the worst case, these can cause injuries in the gastrointestinal tract. As a precautionary measure, all goods in the 650-gram packs of Bircher organic muesli with the best before date April 2, 2014 and the article number 50310 and the piece number EAN 401 624 901 1246 were called from the market.

Splinters discovered when the goods were checked
The glass fragments were discovered during a so-called follow-up inspection in a single packaging of Bircher muesli, as the company announced today. The manufacturer of organic goods "assumes an individual case", but takes precautionary measures to "take all stocks of the affected item from the market".

Goods that have already been purchased should under no circumstances be consumed but brought back to the grocery store. The purchase price will be reimbursed upon presentation of the receipt. (sb)

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