Bahr criticizes blockages by private health insurance companies

Health care system: More competition required: Minister of Health Bahr criticizes blockages in private health insurance companies

Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr (FDP) spoke in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) for more competition in private health insurance. He sees room for improvement in private and statutory health insurance funds and criticizes that self-administration is blocking too many projects.

Demanded more competition
Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr spoke in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) about deficits in both private and statutory health insurance. The FDP politician criticized that the Kassenverband had become too powerful, blockages through self-administration, and that private insurance (PKV) lacked competition. "I want more competition in the private health insurance," said Bahr in the conversation that will appear this Monday.

Dubious practices
Accrued retirement provisions should be able to be taken along in the future when changing from one company to another. The minister wants to make sure of that. This particularly affects older insured persons who complain about rising premiums but are bound to the provider. "I want to change that, retirement provisions should be able to be taken along," said Bahr. Although required by law, some providers do not follow that older insured persons must be offered a cheaper tariff on request. He also criticized companies that lured new policyholders with low-cost offers where the scope of services is very low. "Such practices are dubious, we take action against them." He asked the PKV association to define minimum conditions so that too many benefits could not be excluded.

Health card is not progressing
The self-administration of the cash registers, doctors, pharmacists and hospitals are blocking too many projects, says Bahr, who has headed the Ministry of Health for two years. "Resistance and procrastination annoy me. Another example is that the electronic health card is making no progress. ”The electronic health card has already devoured hundreds of millions. So far, 728 million euros are said to have been invested without any benefit for the patients.

The statutory health insurance (GKV) blamed the doctors for the debacle that would undermine the project. The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) rejected the allegation. He also sees a need for change at the influential umbrella organization of statutory health insurance. The GKV umbrella association negotiates, for example, the prices for novel medicines with the pharmaceutical companies or the framework conditions for fees with the organizations of doctors, dentists and pharmacists. According to Bahr, the association would move too far away from what the health insurers want.

Plans for the next parliamentary term Despite all the criticism, the minister also saw positive things: “Some providers open up to employees with previous illnesses, whereby the risk premiums are limited. This should be extended to the trades. ”On the subject of provisions for old age, the minister already talked about his party's plans for a possible government participation after the federal elections in September:“ This is a complex issue, so no one has solved it so far, but it is doable. The FDP wants to solve the entrainment in the next legislative period. That strengthens the private health insurance. ”For the Minister of Health, the reform of hospital financing and the conversion of nursing care insurance are the central challenges in the next legislative period. (ad)

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