Run hot water before showering

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Legionella hazard: run hot water in the holiday home before showering

No matter whether in a holiday home or at home after a long absence: run hot water before showering, because this kills bacteria.

Faucets that have not been used for a long time If faucets have not been used for a long time, such as in the apartment or after a trip to the home shower, you should first let hot water run through. This kills Legionella. These harmful bacteria can multiply in pipes that have not been flushed for a long time.

Legionella can cause flu-like symptoms. It is best for holidaymakers to run hot water in their holiday home for a few minutes before they want to take a shower. This also applies to the home bathroom after a long absence, as the TÜV Nord informed. This means that there is no longer any Legionella in the water vapor that can be inhaled and thus get into the lungs. The bacteria are killed at temperatures of over 60 degrees. Legionella can cause flu-like symptoms, such as fever or chills, and cause legionellosis, an infectious disease that primarily involves two forms: Legionnaires' disease, which is caused by droplet infection and causes life-threatening pneumonia, as well as the usually mild Pontiac fever.

Shower ban in Munich In Munich there was even a shower ban last year, which the health authority had imposed on 320 households. There the limit of legionella had been exceeded to such an extent that the office resorted to this drastic measure because of a possible health risk. If contaminated water is drunk, those affected usually have no complaints to fear. (ad)

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