Zinc ointment helps against heat rash in the baby

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If heat rash occurs, apply a thin layer of zinc ointment to the affected skin

If heat rash occurs in the baby, parents should quickly take their child to a cool and shady place. To prevent skin irritation, zinc ointment can be applied thinly to the affected skin. Light and loose cotton clothing is also recommended when the temperatures rise. Monika Niehaus from the professional association of pediatricians advises this.

How parents can treat heat rash in the child Heat rash in the baby is a sign that the child is too warm. “To avoid a heat rash, parents should prefer loose and light cotton clothing in summer and avoid the baby sweating. Powder and care products should be used sparingly so as not to block the pores additionally, ”explains Monika Niehaus, from the Professional Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ). “Especially in babies and toddlers, the pores are still very small, so they can easily clog in the heat. If the clothing is too warm, fits tightly and rubs, a heat rash quickly develops in the form of itchy little red pustules. "

Then parents should take their children to a cool and shady place. According to Niehaus, zinc ointment is suitable for treating skin irritation and should be applied thinly to the affected skin. Silica gel is also often recommended. After washing, the skin should only be dabbed lightly and air-dried, the doctor advises.

If the heat rash does not go away after several days, despite appropriate measures, or if it gets worse, parents should seek medical advice. This also applies if the child develops a fever. In rare cases, treatment with hydrocortisone ointment may be necessary. (ag)

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