Asthmatics should clarify job selection with the doctor

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Discuss asthma risk with a doctor before choosing a career

Allergy sufferers and asthmatics are at particular risk in certain professions, which is why a consultation with the doctor should ideally take place before choosing a job. In order to prevent existing asthma from worsening due to the choice of profession, the Association of German Company and Works Physicians (VDBW) advises the young people concerned to have an intensive exchange with their doctor before making a decision about their future professional activity.

Some professions, such as baking or carpentry, are particularly unsuitable for asthmatics, according to the Association of German Company and Company Doctors. There is a high risk that the profession will worsen the health of asthmatics, explained Wolfgang Panter from the Association of German Company and Company Doctors in a recent press release from the news agency "dpa". In the worst case, the asthma disease can become so serious that those affected can no longer carry out their profession. Young asthmatics should therefore take this into account when choosing a career.

Bakers and carpenters particularly at risk of asthma In the bakery profession, the flour and in the carpentry trade sawdust lead to considerable irritation of the respiratory tract, which can cause massive problems especially for asthmatics. The VDBW advises that young people should discuss the risk of the disease worsening due to their career choice with their doctor before deciding on appropriate training. In this way it can be estimated whether the intended activity is compatible with the disease. Office work and educational or social jobs are generally less stressful for asthmatics. Wolfgang Panter also recommends that young asthmatics do an internship in their intended field of activity before choosing a career, so that they can better assess the effects on their asthma disease. (fp)

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