WISO warns against slimming and building supplements

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WISO warns of life-threatening slimming and weight loss supplements

The ZDF consumer magazine “WISO” has found dangerous, sometimes life-threatening ingredients in slimming products and supplements from the Internet. Some of them are banned substances, as the magazine reports on Monday evening.

At least questionable to sometimes life-threatening The ZDF consumer magazine "WISO" was able to demonstrate dangerous ingredients in slimming and body-building products ordered from the Internet. A total of twelve different products were examined. The testers found substances in seven substances which were classified in the range from “at least questionable” to “possibly hazardous to health” to “life-threatening”. These ingredients should not be marketed on the Internet, but only through pharmacies with medical supervision.

Criminal complaint and authority warning In one case, a criminal complaint was filed based on the "WISO" search and in another case the State Center for Health of North Rhine-Westphalia (LZG. NRW), based in Münster, issued a warning that went beyond the German state borders Attracted attention. The magazine had the ordered products in the LZG. Have NRW examined.

Not the first warning During the investigations, high-dose dinitrophenol (DNP) was discovered in a slimming product, which can be fatal even at low doses. The fat burner reaches the limits as "pure caffeine". The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Health had warned of the substance a few months earlier. "The substance DNP is toxic and is suspected of causing cancer. It is particularly dangerous that the substance accumulates in the body (accumulation) and thus even small doses can have serious and life-threatening effects, such as a drop in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, rapid overheating of the body, shortness of breath, multi-organ failure and much more, ”wrote the ministry.

Male breast growth and female body hair In other samples, the no longer approved active ingredient sibutramine was detected. The substance can cause serious side effects such as high blood pressure or irregular heartbeat. It was found in the slimming products Ultra Effect and Leisure 18. In two of the investigational supplements for athletes (M1D and Dianabol), the scientists found DHEA, a hormone that is considered to be the precursor of testosterone. It causes breast growth in men and male body hair in women. Rimonabant, a previously approved weight loss drug, was discovered in another agent. Since it triggers an increased risk of suicide among users, it is now prohibited.

Purely vegetable may mean traces of plants. Another problem that has been identified in the products tested is that the declaration often does not match the ingredients. In addition Dr. Matthias Heuermann from the LZG. NRW: “Products are often sold as purely vegetable, to increase performance, increase potency, as hair restorer, as a means of losing weight. "Purely vegetable" means nothing in this case, except that there may be traces of plants. "So everyone who uses such resources from the Internet exposes themselves to a great risk.

Imprisonment of up to five years Even though German customs seized 2.5 million tablets last year alone, the total amount of illegal funds that are smuggled into Germany remains unknown. If private individuals order such funds online, they are punishable by law. In the best case, the fine remains, and in the worst case, there is a prison sentence of up to five years. The “WISO” feature will be broadcast on ZDF on Monday, July 1st at 7:25 pm.

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