US restaurants: too much and too unhealthy

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US restaurants: too much and too unhealthy

Portions in US restaurants are too big. This is confirmed by two analyzes from the USA and Canada. They show how unhealthy the portion sizes and the composition of the food in fast food restaurants are - but not just there.

Scientists from the University of Toronto have calculated this from more than 3,500 meals from the country's 19 major restaurant chains.

On average, each meal had an energy value of 1128 kcal, which is 56% of the average daily requirement of 2000 kcal. With 58 g of fat per meal, the dishes contained 89% of the daily recommended amount of fat, 83% of the maximum amount for saturated fats and 60% of the cholesterol allowed with a balanced diet. With just under 2270 mg of sodium, an average meal already achieved 150% of the daily requirement.

Not only fast food chains affected Particularly frightening: The calorie quantity of meals is also not less in restaurants that do not belong to a large chain. This is the result of a study by researchers at the University of Boston. At 1327 kcal, the energy content of the dishes was far higher than that of Canadian fast food restaurants and sometimes 50% higher than that of US chains such as McDonalds or Burger King.

Calorie labeling required The researchers are therefore calling for national regulations on calorie information for all restaurants, and not just for large chains. (pm)

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