Magnesium deficiency can be fatal

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Magnesium is one of the vital trace elements. With them, timely magnesium treatment can prevent fatal cardiac arrhythmias.

More than 300 biochemical reactions rely on magnesium. It is needed in muscles and nerve cells. The mineral has the most important task in the heart. There it is an activator of numerous enzymes and pumps on the cell membrane, which influence the heart action.

Patients with cardiac problems particularly affected Therefore, especially in people with cardiac diseases, therapists should ensure an adequate supply of magnesium. If the heart is previously damaged by constriction of the coronary arteries, a previous heart attack or a weakness in pumping, chaotic movements of the heart muscle can occur.

How Deficiency Can Cause Most people consume enough magnesium. A deficiency can occur if intestinal diseases - or excessive alcohol consumption - do not include enough magnesium or if too much magnesium is lost through the kidney. Deficiency can also result from the heart remedy digitalis and after taking certain antibiotics, fungal agents, immunosuppressants, cytostatics and medications to prevent osteoporosis.

Typical deficiency symptoms Symptoms that indicate a magnesium deficiency include muscle spasms, motor restlessness, increased excitability, rapid fatigue, heart stumbling, lack of concentration, depressive mood and sleep disorders. Source:
W. Vierling et al .: Magnesium deficiency and magnesium therapy for cardiac arrhythmia. DMW German Medical Weekly Journal 2013; 138 (22); Pp. 1165-1171

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