Fewer and fewer young people smoke

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Positive trend: only half as many young people smoke

In Germany, smoking is now “in” for young people. In contrast to 2001, only half as many smoke and 72 percent of them have never pulled a cigarette.

New record A study by the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) shows that fewer and fewer young people smoke. Accordingly, the proportion of young smokers has more than halved in ten years, reports the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" from the study. The proportion of smokers among 12- to 17-year-olds fell from 27.5 percent in 2001 to 12 percent in 2012. And almost 72 percent of young people had never even had a cigarette. This is a new record.

The first cigarette at 14 on average. According to the study, adolescents are now significantly older when they start smoking. While the average age in 2001 was 13.6 years, the average age to take a cigarette today is 14.4 years. BZgA director Elisabeth Pott told the newspaper: “Over the past few years, smoking has become a social norm for young people.” But more prevention is needed. "We must continue to anchor tobacco prevention in schools in the future in order to reach all social classes." For example, there are clear educational differences in smoking behavior, for example between high school students and secondary school students.

It is best not to start with it. It is common knowledge that smoking is a health hazard. One should think that it is not necessary to point out serious illnesses such as smoker's cough or smoker's lung to prevent people from doing so. Obviously, however, drastic measures are often required to further limit tobacco consumption. The EU health ministers have now issued clear warnings - with the help of shock pictures - on cigarette boxes. There should also be an end for menthol cigarettes and a ban on additives. The measures are aimed primarily at preventing young people from starting smoking at all. "The news is: don't start because you don't know when you can stop," said Irish Health Minister James Reilly at the meeting of EU Ministers for Health and Consumer Protection. (Ad)

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