Some health insurance companies pay sports offers

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Survey among the 134 statutory health insurance companies: Health insurance companies pay insured persons more for sports offers

Sports insured people can look forward to soon. According to a survey by the news magazine "Focus", the statutory health insurance companies in Germany are strongly expanding their sports offerings.

Back school and physiotherapy are standard The results of the magazine's survey of 134 statutory health insurance companies showed that 72 of them already offer significantly more than the legally prescribed standard such as back school or physiotherapy. For example, physiotherapy is often prescribed after a pinched sciatic nerve, which is usually triggered by a herniated disc. The health insurers were asked about their sports offers and services.

Grants for aqua-gymnastics and yoga The billions in surpluses that the health insurers have amassed are the reason for the expansion of services. According to "Focus", the health insurances now subsidize sports courses from aqua gymnastics to Pilates exercises and yoga worth up to 500 euros a year per insured person. Four health insurance funds would fund such courses indefinitely. Sports trips or sports medical examinations, based on which the optimal sport for everyone should be found, are to be supported with several hundred euros. There are also rewards for the insured from many health insurances for obtaining various sports badges, such as in athletics or swimming. In some cases, health insurance companies would even contribute to the cost of a personal trainer. (ad)

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