E-cigarettes: new pilot procedure opened

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Trial of the e-cigarette at the regional court in Frankfurt

A pilot procedure at the Frankfurt Regional Court is intended to clarify the classification of e-cigarettes. If the liquids to be evaporated fall under the drug law, only sales in the pharmacy would be permitted in the future and the substances would have to go through appropriate test procedures beforehand.

Since the e-cigarette has become increasingly popular in Germany, discussions about its effects on health have arisen again and again. An evaluation of the nicotine-containing liquids that are vaporized in the e-cigarettes as medicinal products was demanded from various sides, which would result in a restriction of the dispensing to pharmacies. Procedures have started in several federal states, which should contribute to clarification. According to a message from the dpa news agency, a trial has recently been opened at the Frankfurt Regional Court to clarify whether e-cigarettes are a stimulant or a medicine.

The charges to be dealt with are directed against a businessman who, according to the public prosecutor, allegedly violated the drug law by importing and reselling the nicotine-containing liquid used to fill the e-cigarettes. On the first day of the trial, the accused admitted to having traded with the liquids. But he assumed that these are legal stimulants. An assessment that seems perfectly understandable given the unclear legal situation. For example, the Munich Administrative Court recently ruled in a similar process that e-cigarettes are not covered by the Medicines Act. The 46-year-old businessman from North Rhine-Westphalia now has to answer to the regional court in Frankfurt and the outcome remains uncertain until the verdict is pronounced. (fp)

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