Sultry weather endangers body health

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Germany is on the brink of a heat wave. Such an increase in temperature poses health risks for many people, as an expert from the Techniker Krankenkasse announced. Therefore, some important precautions have to be taken.

Because a real heat wave is imminent across Germany, health experts advise drinking at least two to three liters of water or juice spritzers throughout the day. Because of the humid weather "circulatory problems, dizziness and exhaustion", as the TK Lower Saxony announced on Monday in Hanover. People who have a not very stable cycle due to their medical history are at great risk. This includes those suffering from a chronic illness, overweight to obese and people who are older. These people in particular should ensure adequate cooling and hydration on the particularly hot days to prevent internal dehydration. It is good to stay in the shade, in cool or darkened rooms and to avoid strenuous activities in the midday heat, such as gardening.

Even healthy people should avoid exposure to the sun and avoid heated places, especially in the midday hours. Babies and toddlers need special protection against heat because their bodies cannot cool down sufficiently through sweating. People with weak veins should wear their stockings, especially on hot days, so that the blood does not sink into their legs due to the dilation of the vessels and thus cause additional circulatory problems.

In order not to put additional strain on the circulation in the hot season, the diet should also be changed, advises TK, and fat food should be avoided. If the company canteen offers goulash, roast with cream sauce or bacon pancakes despite the summer heat, you should take fresh food from home. The food should be easy to digest, while being rich in vitamins and nutrients. That shouldn't be difficult in summer because it's fruit and salad season. Fruits and vegetables are available in all variations and are also suitable for taking to the office.

You should also drink as little coffee or black tea as possible, and no alcohol during the day. Plenty of mineral water (depending on the temperature and sweat production, two to four liters a day), diluted fruit and vegetable juices quench the thirst and compensate for the loss of fluids and minerals due to sweating.

Other heat protection tips:
Put your legs up for a few minutes every now and then. This relieves the pressure on the vessels and prevents swelling of the feet and legs. Avoid exercise or other strenuous physical activity in hot weather. Wear airy and loose clothing with as little synthetic fiber as possible. Light-colored fabrics promote heat radiation and thus sweat evaporation. A cold, damp cloth on the neck or forehead refreshes and cools effectively. It is also beneficial to keep the forearms under running cold water for a few minutes or to treat yourself to a cool foot bath. (sb)

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