Researchers discover new parts of the body in the eye

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A close look identifies a new part of the body in the eye

The human eye is one part richer than previously thought. Apparently, countless researchers have overlooked a sixth layer in the cornea. So far, only five layers of the cornea were known.

Eye has six layers in the cornea Professor Harminder Dua from the University of Nottingham took a close look and reported a research result in the specialist journal "Ophthalmology". According to this, the cornea consists of six instead of five layers. The so-called "Dua" layer, The researcher discovered that it is only 15 micrometers thick by blowing air into the donor eyes using the "Big Bubble" technique. "There is a new, well-defined, cell-free, strong layer in front of the Descemet membrane in the cornea," explains Dua. "This layer was cellless, measured 10.15 ± 3.6 micrometers, which consisted of five to eight lamellae of predominantly type 1 collagen bundles and were arranged in transverse, longitudinal and oblique directions."

By discovering the sixth corneal layer, operations such as corneal transplantation could become safer and easier in the future. (ag)

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