Every third privately insured person wants to go to the SHI

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Every third privately insured wants to go back to the statutory health insurance

According to an evaluation by the General Local Health Insurance Fund (AOK), about every third privately insured wants to go back to statutory health insurance. "The survey speaks a clear language," said a spokesman for the AOK federal association. The health insurance system in Germany must be fundamentally changed, so the largest health insurance association in Germany.

"When I was young, my private health insurance was very cheap," reports the former self-employed and today's pensioner Rainer Meyer (67). “But with increasing age, the tariff became more and more expensive. Now my deductible is very high and my current monthly payments are still in the upper range ”. Many people in Germany experience this or something similar. The older they get, the more expensive PKV is. Because this is not based on income, but on the respective "risk" of the insured.

31 percent want to go back According to a survey, almost every third private patient always wants to go back to the legal system. The magazine “Stern” reports, referring to a current study by the Federal Association of AOK. For its part, the health insurance company reports that more and more people want to switch back. For this reason, a survey was started to get a real overview, AOK board member Jürgen Graalmann told the magazine. "The results speak for rethinking the current system, because 31 percent want to go back to statutory health insurance," Graalmann commented on the results.

Health insurance company demands "right of return" Anyone who has once turned their backs on the statutory health insurance company will only come back in a few exceptional situations. There are good reasons for this. Otherwise, many would begin to take out private insurance in the early years, which are inexpensive for health insurance, and later switch back to the SHI, when much more doctor visits and operations are necessary, because then the insurance premiums will increase despite the provision for old age. Nevertheless, the AOK board advocated an "integrated insurance market," in which the same rules apply to private insurers and statutory health insurers ". Private patients should be given the right to return within certain periods. For this, it makes sense to have the retirement provisions taken away. In addition, doctor's fees should be adjusted more closely for both systems. (sb)

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