You can't cool your stomach with ice cream

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You can't cool your stomach with ice cream

Summer, sun, ice cream: ice cream consumption rises with temperatures. Even in ancient China, Chinese rulers sweetened the warm summer months with a sorbet-like ice cream that was produced in large ice stores. Nowadays, according to the "Guidelines for Ice Cream and Ice Cream Products" in Germany, we differentiate between eight types, differentiated according to their ingredients. Milk ice contains at least 70 percent milk, fruit ice cream at least 20 percent fruit. Other types include: cream ice cream, cream ice cream, ice cream, fruit ice cream, sorbet and water ice cream.

Studies identify hygienic deficiencies in ice cream
In Germany, 500 million liters of ice cream are consumed annually - not completely free of dangers. In 2011, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment attributed two salmonella outbreaks to eating ice cream. "When researching the causes more precisely, raw components of chicken eggs were determined," explains the Federal Association of Food Chemists in the public sector. Regular surveys at the state level lead to a relatively high complaint rate of ten to 15 percent, mainly due to hygienic complaints. The Hessian State Laboratory reported similar results last year, which detected germs in every ninth ice cream.

"The review of the ingredients and the labeling leads to a complaint rate of up to 20 percent," explains the trade association in the further course of the statement. A particular problem is a lack of identification of colorants, too little milk in milk ice or too little fruit in fruit ice. Nevertheless, the Federal Association of Food Chemists in the public service calms down: "If you take a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, ice cream is pure enjoyment," it says.

Ice cream cannot cool the stomach Even with a widespread mistake, the experts clear up: "You can not cool the stomach by eating ice cream," explains the trade association. Before eating, ice cream has a temperature of minus four degrees, which already rises to plus eight degrees in the mouth and to around 20 degrees in the stomach. The only problem is the calorie count of the cooling ice cream. Depending on the flavor, it is 50 to 300 kilocalories per 100 milliliters. The consumer initiative in Berlin also recommends eating a maximum of two scoops of ice cream per day. (lb)

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