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Special psychotherapy offers for men could lower inhibitions

Men suffer differently than women - often in silence and without using therapeutic help. According to experts, men could decide more quickly to seek professional help if psychotherapy focused more on male interests such as enthusiasm for technology.

Psychotherapy could take advantage of man's enthusiasm for technology “Men are just as affected by mental illnesses as women. So far, it has not been socially possible for many to make these diseases public. We have to change that with specific offers for affected men and more information for the population, "said psychologist Barbara Lubisch, deputy federal president of the German Psychotherapists Association (DPtV) at the symposium" Man gets the crisis ", which took place in Berlin on Thursday.

The psychotherapist Johannes Vennen also spoke in favor of special therapy offers for men. For example, therapists could take advantage of men's enthusiasm for technology by encouraging their clients to record sessions with their smartphones so they could listen to them again later. "For centuries, women and men have been socialized differently, why should a unisexual approach work in psychotherapy in particular," Vennen asked. "The inner life is a little-known world for men. But it is important for therapy, so your mindfulness focus needs more attention be placed inside. "

Psychotherapy has to correspond to the living environment of men The offer for psychotherapy suitable for men is currently still small. There are a number of things that have to change to reach men, such as the creation of offers that correspond to men's lives. This included adjusted office hours, in the evening or at the weekend. The interior design and the magazines in the waiting area should also be “more masculine”. Vennen also advises on other forms of therapy such as role play, exercises or presentations. "It is important to create a therapy situation that is appropriate for men, so that we can reach those affected and help them," the psychotherapist explained.

As reported by Lubisch, the suicide rate is three times higher for men than for women. "We have to take social responsibility for these facts very seriously." There must be a sufficient number of psychotherapy places with more male therapists. In companies and organizations too, sensitivity to men's mental health problems must be heightened. Lubisch also explicitly referred to preventive offers. "This is why the prevention law should take particular account of the aspects of mental health," says the psychotherapist. According to Lubisch, therapists should definitely be included in the company's health and prevention programs. (Ag)

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