Hydrotherapy: Kneipp cures in your own bathroom

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Hydrotherapy can also be used at home in the bathroom

Trend towards Kneipp cures in your own bathroom. Sometimes naturopathic treatment methods receive support from an unexpected direction. In a current press release, the German Sanitary Industry Association (VDS) pointed out the possibilities of using interchangeable castings based on the Kneipp cures in their own bathroom.

The German Sanitary Industry Association links its recommendations for home use of hydrotherapy with corresponding references to special bathroom furnishings, which illustrates the economic interests of the manufacturers. However, this should not detract from the statements regarding the positive health effects of hydrotherapy. It is up to the user to decide whether special fittings are required for the process or whether these are carried out with the appropriate aids in conventional bathrooms.

Positive effects of hydrotherapy Numerous positive health effects are attributed to hydrotherapy, whereby the treatment method mainly uses the temperature-related but also the mechanical stimuli of the water. For example, so-called interchangeable castings from cold and warm water are said to have an effect on the cardiovascular system. Naturopathy also assumes that the external temperature stimuli of water have an effect on the internal organs. In addition to the classic Kneipp cures, medical baths, hip baths, foot baths and steam treatments can be mentioned as forms of hydrotherapy.

Pouring pipes for interchangeable castings According to the VDS, a special bathroom fixture can make it easier to use the various forms of hydrotherapy. For this, "when planning a new bathroom, pay attention to the division into different zones", whereby the devices for water applications should also be taken into account. So-called Kneipp hoses or new pouring pipes could be installed especially for the use of interchangeable castings. The VDS also recommends installing the shower as level as possible and providing seating to facilitate the use of knee or thigh castings. Furthermore, a foot basin - ideally in combination with a bench - is well suited for home use of hydrotherapy.

Non-slip surfaces for a secure footing during hydrotherapy In order to ensure a secure footing, handles and non-slip surfaces should be provided. The VDS also advises to purchase a wooden grate, which "according to Sebastian Kneipp, the pioneer of medical water applications, should not put the feet in the water during hydrotherapy". The extent to which users follow the VDS furnishing recommendations is also a question of money, because the cost of an appropriately designed bathroom is likely to be significantly higher than that of a conventional bathroom. (fp)

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