Little Luiz Antonio becomes a vegetarian

Luiz doesn't want to eat animals anymore: An internet video inspires the vegetarian community

Many parents wonder why my child says "Iiii Brussels sprouts" or "I don't want to eat cauliflower". The answer is very simple: it is mostly due to the parents' socialized diet. If parents are more likely to grab fries and schnitzel themselves, the child will not start eating vegetables at the parents' request alone. Especially when it is not appetizing but only blandly prepared. Because everything that the big ones do is modeled and learned by the little ones.

But there also seem to be children who don't want to eat what their parents are doing. They seem to be a little ahead of the time, because they reject the consumption of killed animals out of a basic (compassionate) feeling. Luiz Antonio from Portugal is one of them.

In an internet video that is currently experiencing a real hype in the communities, he justifiably refuses to eat animals. Luiz is sitting at his mother's kitchen table. In front of him a plate of rice, potatoes, gnocchi and squid rings. He looks at all the plates and seems to be wondering what his food has to do with squids that actually swim in the sea. "This is not a real squid, is it?" He asks his mother. Because he is surprised that the squids have no head anymore. He then explains to his mother that the head is no longer swimming in the sea, but is on the fish market. Now he realizes that the animal was cut for the preparation of the food and calls in Portuguese "Why only, why?"

They're animals, I don't want to eat them! Luiz now looks at his mother with wide eyes. He warns: "There are animals!" He thinks now and realizes that alienation of the food is happening here. Because the animals must be killed so that they can then be eaten. The little boy does not want to understand why people kill animals. "I don't want them to die! You have to take care of them. And don't eat them!" His mother is overwhelmed by her son's statements. He has so much compassion for the animals. In tears, she says, then only eat them Potatoes and the rice.

It wasn't just his mother who convinced Luiz. The boy received a great deal of approval in countless comments on "Youtube" and "Facebook". As one commentator wrote: “He is right, I also don't want to eat animals anymore. I feel bad that they are suffering so that I can get full. "

In the meantime, the video has been clicked over 3 million times worldwide and commented on YouTube over ten thousand times. At least on the social networks, the video sparked a new discussion about the meaning and nonsense of meat consumption. (sb)

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