With courage and knowledge against depression

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"Together with courage and knowledge against depression" September 2, 2013 in Leipzig

The German Depression Aid Foundation, together with the German Alliance against Depression and the German Depression League, is holding the Depression Patient Congress in Leipzig for the second time - Up to 1,500 people affected by depression, relatives and interested parties are expected - the event will be moderated by entertainer Harald Schmidt.

Every second German has to deal with depression at least once in his life - as a victim or a relative. In total, around four million people in Germany currently suffer from depression that requires treatment. However, it often takes years from the first symptoms to successful treatment. Help and education for those affected and their families is urgently needed. The German Depression Aid Foundation invites you to the "2nd German Depression Patient Congress", a forum that is unique in Germany. On Sunday, September 1st, 2013, up to 1,500 guests are expected in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig. The congress is moderated again by the patron of the foundation, entertainer Harald Schmidt: "Depression is a disease without a lobby and anything but funny. The more everyone knows about the disease, the better he can deal with it."

The aim of the independent and non-profit foundation Deutsche Depressionionshilfe is to research depression, to pass on knowledge and to help those affected to receive better treatment and more acceptance in society. Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hegerl: "A lack of knowledge among the population leads to fear and stigmatization. Depression is one of the most common diseases and can affect everyone."

The majority of 10,000 suicides and 150,000 suicide attempts in Germany each year are due to depression, which is often not optimally treated. The reason is lack of knowledge but also shame of those affected. "With the help of the patient congress we want to give a voice to the currently more than four million people suffering from depression in Germany - whose disease is more likely to be withdrawal from life and society", adds Prof. Ulrich Hegerl, who runs the clinic and polyclinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy on University Hospital Leipzig directs.

The congress in Leipzig begins on September 1st at 10:00 a.m. In addition to numerous lectures and workshops by those affected, relatives and experts, the varied program includes Bestselling author Dr. Manfred Lütz ("Crazy! We treat the wrong people"), an evening event in the nearby Moritzbastei and many other surprises for his visitors. As part of the congress, the photo competition "Ways out of Depression" will also take place this year. Visitors can also expect to receive the Carlsson Wedemeyer Promotion Prize and, for the first time, the "German Media Prize Depression Aid". The complete congress program with further information and registration can be found at: www.deutsche-depressionshilfe.de/kongress. (pm)

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