Coffee: No protection of the liver from alcohol damage

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Two cups of coffee a day protect the liver

If you drink too much alcohol, you risk serious liver damage. This was pointed out by Professor Christian Strassburg from the University Hospital Bonn at a congress of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists in Merano. Two cups of coffee a day would have a protective effect on the liver. However, damage caused by too much alcohol cannot be prevented.

Protect the liver and consume alcohol in moderation Excessive alcohol consumption is considered the main risk factor for liver damage. “The liver doesn't hurt when it's damaged. The pain of the liver is tiredness, ”said Professor Christian Strassburg from the University Hospital Bonn at an international training congress of the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists. "Sufferers often attribute the persistent exhaustion to their job and have the doctor examine them far too late." Other signs of liver diseases with increased liver values ​​include a swollen abdomen due to water retention and yellow-colored skin and eyes.

The internist spoke out for a more conscious use of alcohol. "The liver and alcohol go well together if you only drink in moderation and the liver has no damage," said Strasbourg. "But if you drink too much, alcohol increases the risk of liver cancer in a similar way to smoking that of lung cancer."

According to the internist, two cups of coffee a day are said to have a positive effect on the liver. However, the organ cannot be protected from excessive alcohol consumption. "There are no happy pills for men's evenings: there are no medicines or food supplements that improve alcohol tolerance or prevent alcohol damage." It is best to avoid alcohol altogether or to drink only small amounts.

Contrary to many assumptions, red wine is also no healthier than other alcoholic beverages - at least not for the liver. "If the alcohol has developed a liver disease, it doesn't help that other red wine ingredients lower the risk of heart disease," said Strasbourg.

To protect the liver, naturopathy recommends detoxifying the liver once a year. Dandelions, artichokes and milk thistle can be used as medicinal plants. (ag)

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