Mexico Red Pepper Diet Warning

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Health warning of the "Mexico Red Pepper" diet product

In recent weeks, various experts have warned several times about buying medicines from the Internet. Now the Rhineland-Palatinate State Examination Office (LUA) in Koblenz points out a dangerous slimming product that is advertised on the Internet. The LUA's announcement states that the capsules with the name "Mexico Red Pepper" are "legally an unapproved drug that must not be sold in Germany." The authority's specific warning announces that the active ingredients sibutramine and phenolphthalein have been detected in a review of the diet capsules. Both substances are not stated on the packaging and can cause serious consequences.

For example, sibutramine could cause side effects such as high blood pressure and acute heart diseases, and taking psychotropic drugs at the same time would also result in dangerous interactions. And phenolphthalein was even banned on suspicion of carcinogenic side effects. "100% Pure Nature" is also advertised on the packaging, on which a slim woman in a bikini is depicted in front of fiery chili peppers. However, the LUA pointed out that the capsules are by no means a harmless natural product. Dietary products that contain dangerous, undeclared ingredients are repeatedly offered on the Internet. The State Examination Office generally advises against ordering dietary products online. (sb)

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