No acne treatment during pregnancy

Beware of acne treatment during pregnancy

Hormones can cause many unpleasant side effects during pregnancy, such as long-forgotten acne. The professional association of German dermatologists (BVDD) in Berlin therefore points out that expectant mothers should always inform their treating dermatologist about their pregnancy, even if it is only about prescribing an ointment. Some drugs pose a health risk to the unborn child, even if they are used only externally.

Likewise, women who only become pregnant or want to become pregnant during acne therapy should inform their doctor. Medicines with the active ingredients isotretinoin, tretinoin and adapalene as well as the antibiotics tetracycline and clindamycin are not suitable for expectant mothers. Neither does peeling with salicylic acid. In general, it applies to people with acne that washing the skin too often does more harm than good. In addition to home remedies such as aloe juice or teabags with chamomile flowers, skin-protecting syndets (washing-active substances) can also be used. These are more suitable than alcohol-based cleaning products. Skin creams and make-up should be labeled as "non-comedogenic" (not causing pimples). (sb)

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