10,000 animals in the Emsland infected with bird flu

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10,000 animals in the Emsland infected with bird flu

Another case of bird flu type H7 was found in Emsland. According to the agricultural authorities, "10,000 laying hens are affected".

No danger to people
In the northern German district of Emsland, the mild form of avian influenza (type H7) was found during self-checks in a barn with more than 10,000 laying hens. In the past few weeks, several cases have already been reported in Lower Saxony, each of which was a mild variant of the influenza. The Lower Saxony Ministry of Agriculture announced on Friday that the animals "must now be killed as a precaution". There would be no danger to people.

Restricted area of ​​one kilometer A restricted area of ​​one kilometer was established around the disease operation. This area is also home to the bird flu outbreak at the beginning of the month. There is currently no evidence that these are so-called contact holdings. Poultry may not be transported in this restricted area, which has a total of three holdings. If there is no new case in the 21 days after cleaning and disinfection of the affected company, the measures can be canceled. Epidemiological investigations are also carried out in order to determine the causes, if necessary, and to establish contact companies. (sb)

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