Every fifth person does not tolerate some foods

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Most allergies to foods such as nuts, fruits and lactose

Almost every fifth German suffers from a food allergy. This was the result of an investigation by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK). According to this, most of those affected are allergic to nuts, certain fruits or lactose (milk sugar). The study also found that the number of allergy sufferers is greatest in the group of people with a higher education.

Almost one in five people do without certain foods. Food intolerances and allergies are becoming more and more popular among Germans. 17 percent of the population are affected, as the TK announced on Thursday in Hamburg. In doing so, the health insurance company referred to its representative nutritional study “Eat something, Germany?”, According to which 28 percent of those affected have to forego nuts, 29 percent certain fruits and 25 percent lactose. As the investigation showed, allergy sufferers pay more attention to a healthy diet than those not affected. “In every second (47 percent) of them, the phases in which they eat healthy predominate. Only every third non-affected person claims the same (33 percent), ”said the TK.

Another interesting result of the study shows that the number of people affected with a higher education is increasing. “People with a higher level of education can more often correctly interpret the symptoms and go to the specialist earlier. This is less often the case in less educated groups, "explained the TK nutrition expert Nicole Battenfeld.

For the study, the polling institute Forsa asked 1,000 people over the age of 18 about their eating habits on behalf of the TK.

Allergy or intolerance to certain foods If you find that your body is hypersensitive to certain foods, you should see a doctor to see if there is an allergy or intolerance. Most often, people are allergic to chicken eggs, fish, milk, fruits and legumes. Antibodies typical for allergies can be detected in a blood test. However, if there are intolerances, the diagnosis is much more difficult.

Allergic reactions usually occur within 30 to 60 minutes after eating a certain food. As a result, the allergy trigger can usually be identified quickly. In the case of an intolerance, however, the body's reaction can last from a few minutes to a few days. In addition, the symptoms differ significantly from one another and range from gastrointestinal complaints, stomach pain, headache and runny nose to a drop in blood pressure. (ag)

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