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Managing director of Bavarian hospitals demands quick financial help

The prospect of financial relief for the clinics is an aid but not a solution to the problem, the managing directors of the Bavarian major hospitals explained in a current press release from the Bavarian Hospital Society (BKG) and demanded further measures from the federal government to support the clinics.

In the past two years, the hospitals had to accept too many setbacks, such as "the federal government's cutbacks from 2011 and the immense cost increases, especially for staff", reports the BKG. As a result, "too large gaps in the hospital budgets were torn". Although this would be "reduced with the proposed relief of around 1.1 billion euros for 2013 and 2014, it was far from being made up for." BKG Managing Director Siegfried Hasenbein explained: "In medical terms, one would say that the pain is alleviated but the disease is not cured. ”However, it is now important that at least the promised financial aid is“ implemented immediately, unbureaucratically and completely ”.

Numerous clinics with financial problems Numerous hospitals across Germany have encountered financial difficulties in recent years and are threatened with closure in the long term. At the beginning of the year, the German Hospital Society (DKG) reported that almost every third hospital wrote in the red in 2011. According to the DKG, "the economic situation in German hospitals has worsened noticeably in the past two years." In view of the financial problems, the federal government had decided to provide emergency aid amounting to 1.1 billion euros, with the BKG managing director Siegfried Hasenbein, however, expressed concern that delays in the distribution of funds could occur.

Financial aid for the clinics must not be delayed "If the federal government wants to help the hospitals with € 1.1 billion, then it must also ensure that exactly this amount is received by the houses," explained the BKG managing director, thereby criticizing the Cabinet decision that results in lengthy and controversial negotiations on the amount of the remuneration surcharges in the 16 federal states. Instead, the federal government should already set the pension surcharges to avoid delays due to the negotiations, according to the BKG managing director. In particular, this applies to “the supply surcharge, which is to be used to distribute 750 million euros to the clinics in the next two years.” According to the managing director of the Bavarian hospital company, it would be fatal if the supplements “were discussed and negotiated for weeks and sometime in autumn possibly arbitration boards with an uncertain outcome have to decide for the hospitals. "

Funds for the clinics should flow as early as this year. Furthermore, in the case of emergency aid for the clinics, redistributions "within the aid package" are required, according to the managing directors and board members of the Bavarian major hospitals at their current working conference in Landshut. They pleaded for more money to be sent to the clinics this year, while the cabinet decision does not provide for greater relief until 2014. "The need is great now, and therefore the priority must be given to help this year," emphasized the BKG Managing Director Siegfried Hasenbein at the meeting of the hospital managers under the leadership of the BKG. Overall, however, according to the BKG, all conference participants assessed the decision of the federal government as "a step in the right direction" and also praised the positive elements in the bundled package. It was a particularly important signal that the hospitals' revenue increases should in future be based on cost developments. (fp)

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