Obesity an incurable disease?

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Consequences for practical obesity therapy from Canada.

Those suffering from obesity usually need lifelong treatment. There is almost never a chance of complete healing. This is the conclusion of Prof. Dr. Arya Sharma from the University of Alberta, Edmonton in Canada. He defines obesity as a chronic disease that, if left untreated, leads to a deterioration in health. However, there are also very overweight people who have no restrictions, risk factors or comorbidities and are completely healthy. Sharma estimates this exceptional group, which does not primarily need treatment, at around 15 percent.

Sharma, one of the world's most renowned obesity researchers and therapists, shared his experience and knowledge with dieticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, sports therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists at the 55th Federal Congress of the Association of Dietitians (VDD) and the 14th annual conference of the Federal Association of Nutritional Medicines (BDEM) in Wolfsburg. He appealed to around 1,500 professionals not to put weight as the primary target at the center of therapy. As long as you only look at the pounds, patients and payers would always be disappointed in the end.

The logical conclusion of Sharma: There is no universal ideal or standard weight to be achieved for obese people! Rather, it is about finding out each person's personal “Best Weight” in the course of a long-term and interdisciplinary therapy. In individual cases, this could also be very heavy. For Sharma, the primary goal of any obesity intervention is to improve the quality of life and general condition of the patient. As a result, he considers weight loss and stopping progression to be a real treatment success.

The German Network Obesity - D.N.A., whose initiators include the organizing professional associations of the Wolfsburg Congress, welcomes Sharma's approach. He is different from the prevailing view of obesity in Germany as a self-inflicted state that can be got under control with discipline and willpower. Sharma takes pressure from those affected and puts the individual requirements or possibilities of the individual in the foreground.

The German Network Obesity - D.N.A. has been working since January 2013 to improve the treatment and care of morbidly overweight people. The very successful Canadian Obesity Network founded by Sharma is not least a role model for the German Network Obesity - D.N.A. (pm)

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