More and more Germans believe in esotericism and miracles

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More and more Germans believe in esotericism

Esotericism is becoming increasingly popular - one in four Germans is now open to miracle healers and spiritual healers, according to the current result of the general population survey of the social sciences (Allbus).

Esotericism is booming in West Germany As “ZEIT” reports with regard to the current Allbus data, the area of ​​esotericism is apparently currently experiencing a real boom - according to this, around 40 percent of the population has sympathy for astrology or New Age, more than 50 percent of those surveyed would also have expressed a positive attitude towards anthroposophy and theosophy. However, there are clear differences between East and West, where every second person would believe in miracles and about one in four would believe in rebirth, according to the ZEIT report.

Esoteric ideas are increasingly regarded as normal. Topics such as rebirth seem to gradually lose their "withdrawn" image, instead "Esoteric ideas [.] Are increasingly considered normal", said the sociologist Detlef Pollack from Münster in "ZEIT". The Bayreuth sociologist of religion, Christoph Bochinger, sees the reasons for this in the increasing individualization - there would be a strong need, especially among large cities in the West, high school graduates, people interested in religion and women, to construct their own worldview and act accordingly. This is where esotericism helps, which Pollack says is like a supermarket with the entire pool of religions, according to ZEIT.

Is there a silent spiritual revolution ahead? According to Sabine Doering-Manteuffel, occult researcher and President of the University of Augsburg, the great openness to esoteric content could indicate a "quiet spiritual revolution" that is spreading across Europe, because here "worldviews are changed like no mission phase in European history before “Continued the ZEIT report.

Long-term engagement with esoteric subjects is rather rare For Christel Gärtner, spokeswoman for the Sociology of Religion section of the German Sociological Association, the current figures are less meaningful - because even if 40 percent of Germans were open to astrology, this would mean a long time from Gärtner's point of view not that there is long-term deep roots. Because, especially in esotericism, it would be rather rare, according to the sociologist, that people would deal with a topic - such as astrology - over a longer period of time; instead, the proportion here has been constant at only about five percent for years. In contrast, the offer of esoteric literature has seen a significant increase in recent years - which, in combination with the media presence of esoteric topics, has led Gärtner's view to an increasing number of people coming into contact with spirituality.

Critical researcher calls for “religious consumer protection” In the view of Hartmut Zinser, the area of ​​esotericism could become even stronger in the next few years, because “esoteric and occult ideas have become part of our everyday culture. This could increase even further with the tightening of social questions, ie unemployment, lack of orientation and lack of prospects, ”said the retired professor of religious studies at the Free University of Berlin in an interview with the“ Welt ”. According to Zinser, who does critical research on esotericism, the reasons for the increasing sympathy for spiritual content are, on the one hand, an interest in the extraordinary, curiosity and entertainment, but on the other hand, the desire for guidance and decision-making. But this is exactly where the professor sees dangers, because in his opinion there are no “respectable esoteric offers” - so there are “unexplained things that we do not know. But nothing can be done with the esoteric interpretation of ghosts and gods ”. In his view, special caution should be exercised "when it comes to healing processes, when people are sick and therefore do not go to the doctor", but rather trust spiritual medicine, the religious scientist told the "world". In such a case, there must be "religious consumer protection", but there is little room for maneuver due to religious freedom: "We can only blame traders. If information is incorrect or something does not work: money back. If you buy a car that doesn't drive, you get your money back. ”(No)

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